Hotel O



The Hotel O becomes the Hotel Odyssey!

For reasons of referencing, Elegancia Hotels and Ora-Ito decided to change the name of the hotel.


The desired symbiosis between nature and urbanism

In the heart of the well-known Halles district, close to the Louvre and the Seine, discover Hotel Odyssey, designed by Ora-Ito and his team. Hotel Odyssey is a haven of peace where well-being and comfort reign. In keeping with Ora-Ito's original style, the hotel is a harmonious blend of clean lines, smooth and relaxing curves, within a delicate and original style.

Its 29 rooms welcome you in an area protected from the outside and the stress of the city. You will make a fantastic discovery by staying at the "Odyssey".

Hotel Odyssey aims to deliver an experience of joy and relaxation after a hectic day in Paris.